We offer a couple of caricature options, from appearing live at your event or creating one from a photo if we can't see you in person. Take a look at our different options below.



Caricatures are a fun and unique way to remember an event. These are cartoon-like drawings of your guests, each individualized to fit a guests look and personality.

Caricatures are done live and on the spot by a professional artist. We come out to you! Our artist will bring an easel, chairs, and all drawing supplies needed to your event. A guest comes and sits down in front of the artist and the artist draws their caricature. Once the caricature is done the guests get it right away, which makes a great party favor for them and a reminder of your special event. 


I know that your event/ party is very special, so we make sure we add to that by creating a fun atmosphere for your guests. The caricature does'nt take long to do and can range from 5- 8 minutes depending on if color is used or not. Usually once the artist gets going, the caricatures can get done pretty fast, which comes in handy during large parties where there is a long line of people waiting.




Custom Designed/Themed Mat- (price is in the Entertainment Packages Section)

We put your logo, name of event, or theme of event on the paper used to draw caricatures. These are created on the computer before your event and then printed on all the paper that will be used for that event. Adding this, will make your event stand out and create a lasting impression on your guests. If interested in this unique addition, make sure you mention it when you contact us, along with what you would like.



Caricatures from a Photo- Caricatures as Gifts


You don't need to throw a party or have a big event to get a caricature. You can send us a photo and our artist can draw from that. Caricatures make great gifts for any occasion!

We can take your photo or photos and transform them into a caricature. All you need to do, is go to our contact page and email us your photo along with a description of what you would like. In the header of your email, tell us you are doing a caricature from a photo.


What you Get:


  • Copy of High-Res Digital Version.

  • Printed out on Nice Photo Paper- Specify Glossy or Matt.

  • Signed and dated by artist on front unless specified on the reverse side.


Caricture can have as many people in the image but still 'Pricing is Per Person in the Caricature'-


  • All custom caricatures from photos, are charged on a per-person basis, meaning how many people you want in your caricature. We can put as many as you want in the same picture. This includes animals.

Pick what type of final rendering style you would like your caricature to be-

Black and White with lite shading:

Head- $20

Full Body- $30


Full Color:

Head- $30

Full Body- $40


Extras: You would add this on top of your main caricature.

Black & White Mat. - $7.00

Matt & Frame- $20.00

Just a Frame and no Mat. - $13



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