With large crowds, where speed is of the essence, there's no better choice for entertainment than temporary airbrush tattoos! And they are water resistant!!!


We will bring the tatting kit (guns, paint, and rubbing alcohol) and over 100 stencils to choose from. Your guests will approach the station, pick their favorite stencil from our binder, and take a seat while the artist gets to work. There’s no limit on the number of tatts that can be done per person, so let the ink flow!

Airbrush Tattoos Are Safe!

The tattoos are applied with air blown paint, so there are no needles involved! We only use FDA certified and approved paints. All stencils are washed thoroughly (with rubbing alcohol) after each tattoo. Our tattoos are completely waterproof and will last 3-5 days or more! Can't wait that long? No problem. Your guests can simply remove their tattoo at any time using lotion or rubbing alcohol.



How Long Does It Take to Dry?

Seconds. Literally. The tattoo will be dried before you leave the tattoo chair.

Where Can I Get A Tattoo on My Body?

Anywhere but the face!

How Long Do They Last?

They typically last anywhere between 5 and 7 days!

 Can I get my airbrush tattoo wet, can I bathe regularly?
YES, you can still bathe regularly.  Avoid applying oils, sun 
block or lotions on top of the airbrush tattoo.  To dry, pat the airbrushed 
tattoo dry.  DO NOT RUB! Add baby powder to absorb your natural oils. 

How do I prolong the life of my airbrush tattoo?
The skin naturally produces oil, which effects how long 
the tattoo will last.  Applying baby powder will absorb the oils and perspiration. Baby powder should be applied in the morning and before bed; it should also be applied before and after showering.  The more powder applied the better! It also depends on where it is positioned on the body, if applied where clothing may rub on the tattoo this will limit the life span.

How do I remove my airbrush tattoo?
Airbrushed tattoos are easily removable with 70% isopropyl alcohol or baby oil.


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