Glitter Tattoos are great for all ages!
These are not stickers, but are created by hand, using special stencils, a skin-safe, waterproof adhesive, and over 20 colors of cosmetic-grade glitter! You will amazed to see how much they sparkle!

Guests get to choose their own design and color combination!
Over 40 different designs available, we have something for everyone!

Glitter tattoos are popular for all ages from 3-103!

Perfect for pool or beach parties... or any party where people would love to get some fun bling!

Glitter Tattoos may be applied to arms, shoulders, ankles, backs, etc.... but not on faces.


  • Approximately 15-20 Tattoos can be done during one hours time if guests are ready and waiting. This also depends on the size of the tattoos.

  • Fifteen minutes before party is over we will let the 3rd guest in line know that they will be the last to receive a glitter tattoo.

  • If you are the host please make sure you and your family get a Tattoo before we are set to leave.




Glitter Tattoos are not just for parties or small events, you can also get them for a special occassion. These will definitly make you stand out from the crowd and make you the center of attention!

We use larger and more intricate stencils for this process. They are still put on the same way as normal ones, but the difference is the high detail quality, the ability to have them better form on the body, and the use of high end rich glitter along with jewels.

The stencils used, include necklaces, bracelts, and animal designs. We can send you images of our designs so you can pick the best one to go with what you will be wearing.

For this service we can come out to your location and arrive hours before hand to get you ready.

Call or email us to set up a free consultation & prices!




Glitter Tattoos are FUN to Wear, and LOOK AWESOME. They are water resistant and with care can last 5 -7 days.

Glitter Tattoos will hold up through regular bathing/showering provided there is no harsh scrubbing of the area.

Harsh or excessive rubbing/scrubbing will remove glitter prematurely.

Glitter Tattoos will usually just wear away after about a week, but if you should need to remove, this can be done using lotion, oil or rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball.


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