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Fund Your Cause With Caricatures




Manis Creative Entertainment has made giving back to organizations and communities a priority. We partner with different organizations and groups to offer a fun and memorable way to engage community support, while also working to raise funds needed for those organizations and groups to thrive.

We have Caricature themed fundraising ideas for your group. Caricatures as a fundraising idea provide a wonderful, unique and personal gift that will be treasured for years to come and that can be used in a variety of ways.

The best part of all about a caricature is that people can easily order at home, or at work. It also does not require lots of hours on the part of your fundraising team over an extended period of time.

Working from photographs of people or animals, the caricature artist creates an amazing digital caricature. While most are done in a head and shoulders aspect, you can also have a full body drawn or in a full scenario.

If you would like to partner with Manis Creative Entertainment, please go to our contact page and send in a request. Once we have a request we will send you a form to fill out and information about our fundraising program. We look forward to working with you!



Caricature prices go for $30 per person or animal for a color digital caricature. You earn 25% of the overall sale.  - so you could be earning up to $7.50 per sale! Usually though there will be more than one person or animal in the picture where you could be earning up to $15.00 per sale. We also offer photo infused products with the fundraiser, which will then increase your overall sales.




1. Offer a simple caricature service -


promote it via your Facebook/email networks.

Make use of friends, friends of friends and their friends to publicize  your  fundraising via email, or on your personal or group's Facebook page.. You just write the email, perhaps provide a sample or two and include the special link we provide you to our website where the customer places and pays for their order. We can help with email templates etc if required. Once all donations are collected, you will receive %25 of overall caricature sales. If someone would like to donate more than the picture cost, you will receive that extra money as well. Another thing that is great about this is that all caricatures will be digitally made and finished ones will be emailed directly to the person who has purchased one. This will save on shipping and makes things get delivered in a timely manner.

This works very well with a group of people who can distribute the information through social and work networks via email, Facebook or personal websites. We can also set up a special short URL for promotion in printed newsletters etc. The Best part of all, it means funds can be raised not only from the organization's own community, but also around the state, the country and even around the world - all through the power of the internet!



2. Have a Portrait Day -


For customers who may not have a digital image of themselves, organize a 'Portrait Day'. This is where you take their picture with your digital camera or cell phone and take payment, email us the images and a spreadsheet (we will supply a template). Also if you are not able to run the portrait day, one of our team members will come to your organization and take the pictures and fill out the forms.

After we receive your order, we will then send you a payment request based on the number of orders. Payment can be by credit card, cash, check, or Paypal and must be made prior to work commencing.

The finished caricatures will then be emailed to you. You handle final delivery to the customer by email. You can charge the customer a 10-30% premium for this service, thus leveraging your fundraising inflow.


3. Value add with products! 

- provide caricaturized products.

Similar to number 2, except you are also selling products that feature the caricature on them. You won't have to work with another company or retailer for these products, since we do everything in house with state of the art machines. We can put the caricature image on t-shirts, mugs, puzzles, mouse pads, ornaments, pillow cases, totes, etc.  Again this offers the opportunity to further leverage funds by adding a percentage for taking the photo, plus a further percentage from the sale of the item.


donation (1).png

By harnessing the interest of your local community and the power of the internet, caricatures make a fun way to raise funds. Not only do people get caricatures of themselves done, they often get them done of their family and friends as a Christmas, birthday or for other special event gifts.



  1. Orders are drawn based on artist interpretation of the photos provided and the information shared in the description section of the order form. We make every possible effort to make each order fun, unique and special for every recipient.

  2. We are not able to redraw or make changes to drawings once they have been completed.

  3. Due to proceeds being donated to the benefitting organizations, we are also not able to refund orders.

  4. We highly encourage a fundraiser minimum duration of  3-4 weeks. This allows the fundraiser announcement to be shared throughout a wider network of people and allow those reached later into the fundraiser enough time to place an order.

  5. Offering pick up at a live event is a great way to encourage more people to attend that event and also helps get orders/sharing of the order link increased throughout the fundraiser.

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